Tips for your wedding Bucket list

Large-Wedding-venuePlanning a wedding is always a long and exhaustive process, especially if you want to have one that’s memorable. Every detail has to be scrutinized, and it helps to have a helpful team to help you in ensuring everything falls into place on the big day. A wedding bucket list is one way of helping you remember exactly what needs to be done and how to get it done. Below are some of the mandatory things that you should include in your wedding bucket list;

  • Venue; identifying your wedding venue should always be at the top of your list. Wedding venues get booked almost every wedding day, and if you don’t book your pace early, you risk being inconvenienced. Always go for a big and spacious venue, and one that is beautifully decorated.
  • Guest Lists; having an approximate guest list not only helps you know how many will attend the wedding, it more importantly helps you budget. From budgeting for foods and drinks, to booking a venue, a guest list is a must have.
  • Food; it is not enough to know what foods you’ll generally serve on the wedding day, you have to know whether there will be special groups that need special diets. You’ll have diabetic guests, children, elderly, and they may each need a special diet.
  • Honey moon destination; this is another factor you’ve got to decide on in advance. Consult your partner, know how much it will cost you, and if you can, go ahead and book it in advance. A honeymoon destination could be a place you’ve never been to, or have ever been to and wish to have your partner visit it too.


There are large wedding venues in London that can host all guests comfortably. For more information, you just need to browse online and select the one that interests you.

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