Commercial Real Estate – How to Value a Property

Investing in commercial real estate is one of the soundest and wisest investment decisions you can ever make. Today, the global economy continues to become more intertwined, and people are traveling round the globe and across cities more often. As the owner of some office blocks, or rentals, guest houses and other accommodation related property for business executives, you have chances of making it big. But when the time comes to sell, or buy this kind of property, it may be difficult to ascertain its real worth. This is where commercial real estate valuers come in; they are skilled and qualified in accessing the property, and coming up with the most reasonable and possible monetary worth of that property. See more on 

How is commercial real estate valued?

housing-valuationWhen the valuer comes to value your property, they will first be very keen to note the location. The more the commercial property is located closer to the heart of the city, the more its worth. The further the commercial property is from the main city center, the lower its worth is likely to be. However, location is not always the only consideration. Valuers will also weigh and evaluate the potential for that area developing in the near future, whether there are prospects for a major economic activity that may shift the dynamics of the demographics within that area, and so on so forth.

What else guides the valuer?

When valuing a commercial real estate, the valuer will also have to rely on the sale of other similar estates close to yours. They will compare the prices of recently sold or bought property around that area, they will check in the real estate websites and property market so as to get a general idea of the vicinity that your estate is located in.

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